Learn How Roof Replacement Michigan was able to replace this roof paid for by insurance!

Learn How Roof Replacement Michigan was able to replace this roof paid for by insurance!

If you are in the market for a new roof there is only one company you want to handle any of your roofing, siding, windows, and gutter needs! Save your money and make the call 586-555-1234 and schedule a free no contact roofing inspection by one of our highly trained professionals!

Today we were called out to give a second opinion on this damaged roof. This roof is brand new just installed and another contractor was out here this week telling the customer that the entire job was done incorrectly by the original installers and that she needs to have them tear off and start over. After a quick inspection we could easily tell that that was a complete lie! That is why it is important to have a contractor that you can trust! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND MAKE THE CALL! 586-555-12345

Are you in the market for a new roof? Give us a call and find out how we have saved millions of dollars of out of pocket costs for hundreds of clients just this year! Save your money and make the call! 586-555-12345

Do you realize if you have wind damage your insurance company will cover your roof replacement? A lot of people are not aware that they have damage just like this customer. Insurance paid for full replacement because of the wind damage. Roof Replacement Michigan is here to help! Give us a call today at 586-555-1234 or visit roofreplacementmichigan.com for more information

Another beautiful job well done by our team! For this customer we were able to get their insurance company to replace the home owner’s entire roof and gutters from a storm that happened in 2017 and only paid their deductible! The best part is we handled everything from inspection to installation by our in house professionals so it is no hassle towards you! Give us a call at 586-555-1234 or visit us on the web roofreplacementmichigan.com for more information!






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